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“I enjoyed your upbeat and energetic teaching style. It was also helpful to see you work with our dogs and sometimes your dogs. I appreciate that you accept the dogs as they are and are able to still advance them.”
-Donna from Winchester, MA

“Jess, we learned plenty from you. I think you get the class motivated quickly and make sure we are all enjoying the class.”
-Karen from Medford, MA

“Jess! I have worked with a lot of trainers through the years from law enforcement to personal protection. Your style of training is fun for the dog and very rewarding for me!”
-Joe from Medford, MA

“No comparison- Jess, you’re the best! Excellent energy, demos, patience, and humor. Your methods are kind to dogs and engaging for the handlers.”
-May from Reading, MA

“I was very pleased with your understanding and accommodation. You also were able to pick up quickly on our difficulties with behaviors and presented alternative approaches that were great.

I also love how you really made a connection with every dog. Also, demos with your dogs were a great way to see what was possible. I love your class and your teaching skills.”
-Rachel from North Reading, MA

“I enjoyed watching the demos you gave with your dogs. They love working for you. I love your positive, upbeat style. I feel comfortable around you. I’ve been looking for a woman trainer, and I am glad to have found you. I look forward to working with you more.”
-Sarah from Wenham, MA

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I liked the fast pace. I felt comfortable with you and so did Miracle. You know your stuff!”
-Christine from Uxbridge, MA

“Compared to other trainers, you were very good. I have trained with positive reinforcement trainers and others who want the dog just to work for you. Your teaching was up with my favorite trainers. You worked for each dog and let us move up when we needed and gave us a new challenge.”
-Shelby from Northbridge, MA

“We learned more than we have in any other class. There was a strong ‘animal behavior’ outlook , and it was really awesome to learn from that new perspective. It was great to meet a trainer that has the dog psychology to back up reasons for things.

I appreciate you taking the time and really understanding what both Jacobi and I were going through. It means the world to us!”
-Angela from Hopedale, MA

“We appreciated Jess taking into consideration Sunny’s issues- both physical and mental! Your style/personality works great for us! Thanks, Jess!”
-Patty and Ryan from Uxbridge, MA

“Jessica is a true down to earth trainer that makes it a point to click with dogs and their owners. She not only provides proper training, she also provides health tips for the dogs, a trainer who has the dog’s best interest at heart. Thanks, Jess!”
-Cheryl from Millbury, MA

“You truly are a wonderful trainer and presenter of animal care and concern. Your style is excellent and unique versus other instructors. You are a remarkable asset to a dog’s life. Your smile, cheer, and energy are an asset to any dog.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have you as an instructor. Our family learned a tremendous amount of tips, ideas, and new avenues. We are very pleased and blessed to have met you when we did.”
-Heather and Scott from Whitinsville, MA

“Thanks so much. I learned a lot and the class was totally different than anything we’ve ever done! I was feeling really stagnant with training. A fresh perspective and new things to work on reinspired me and my pups!”
-Monica from Milford, MA

“I liked the environment. Things were laid back. If Sedona needed a break, she could take one or I could too. And your reassuring words helped me to relax as the owner. It was an unbelievable bonding experience; she respects me more too.

What a wonderful experience for both Sedona and I. We are both happier having fun things for her to work on. I love your fun attitude, Jess. You are a motivator and very inspiring. You treated all dogs equal and highlighted their good qualities. Thank you!”
-Katrina from Rochester, MN

“Riley loved Wednesdays and going to class. I actually think this confidence and chance to have fun helped him get a little further past his fear of the fireplace noise. I appreciated you making the effort to challenge us.”
-Karen from Nathrop, CO

“I think you are wonderful, and it has been a great experience learning from you. The tools you have given me are very valuable! You sincerely cared about a good learning experience for both handler and dog.”
-Debra from Buena Vista, CO

“Bodi loved class. You kept him interested, focused, and eager. You are fast-paced! If one approach is not working so well, you have two or three other approaches up your sleeve! Other trainers seem to be frequently ‘hog-tied’ to one method or process.

Your ability to see the individual strengths and challenges in each pup and ability to address needs creatively with respect to each pup and their handler was the best part of your classes.”
-Lea from Salida, CO

“You have a way with dogs and the ability to get your skills through to the dog owners.”
-Dale from Salida, CO

“The one on one time spent on each dog and student was my favorite component of class.”
-Vickie from Salida, CO

“Your enthusiasm, attention to detail in reading human and dog behaviors, and clear explanations for ‘why’ a behavior is done a certain way are why I enjoyed you as a instructor.”
-Susan from Salida, CO

“Great learning environment, Bandit loved it. He is usually stressed when trying new things, and for the most part, I think he felt comfortable in class. Individual feedback and constructive criticism was helpful.”
-Rebecca from Ypsilanti, MI

"Sullivan LOVED class. He could feel the sincerity of your appreciation. Whereas occasionally in the past a trainer has attempted to squelch his exuberance, you worked with it to bring out his best. And he does love to work! His enthusiasm to follow my lead increases noticeably with each class we take.

I felt the strongest component of our classes was your enthusiasm and willingness to ‘go the extra mile.’ One outstanding quality you have that the others did not- you are sincerely interested in what each of us dog-people teams are experiencing, as related to class or perhaps not directly related to the behaviors we are learning but still influenced by."
-Stephanie from Ann Arbor, MI

"You created a very positive environment. By the second week, I felt my dog knew what to expect and enjoyed it. Seeing her looking forward to coming was a pleasure for me. Just her change in attitude was a big plus for me. My relationship with my dog was strengthened. Even my husband noticed an increase in her confidence level."
-Maureen from Boxford, MA

"I think each week she had more fun than the last! Jess, you are a positive, caring trainer and it shows in your classes- it's a pleasure to work with you and someone that has such great and kind work ethics with their animals."
-Linda from Georgetown, MA

"Winnie loved coming to class. Positive, happy, and fun- everything I was hoping for her. The strongest component of class was you. Love that you make it fun and exciting. I adopted Winnie around Thanksgiving- she was hand shy and afraid to be touched. This class really helped me to bond with her, and she is SO much better now."
-Jay from Melrose, MA

"If everyone was as passionate about their job as you are, the world would run much smoother."
-Wendy from Lowell, MA

“You are a highly knowledgeable trainer and strive to bring out the best in dogs/handlers. I like your intensity and attitude. You are a great instructor and I would highly recommend you and Cookie That! to others.”
-Karen from Winthrop, MA

“I really like your teaching style. I have not worked with other trainers who use as much shaping as you do. Thank you for inspiring me to do more and get more out of the clicker.”
-Tracy from East Kingston, NH

“Loved the fast pace of the class and thought your insights into moving a behavior along were terrific. I firmly believe that any training should enhance the relationship, particularly when it’s fun and positive and this class was both.”
-Cheryl from Bedford, MA

“Moxie is so excited to get to class that she starts to cry in the parking lot.”
-Andra from Groton, MA

“I like your fun nature and ability to connect with both owner and animal. You’re on point throughout the class.”
-Dustin from Somerville, MA

“My dog had a ball! I was impressed that you found a solution for any dog or handler hang up."
-Eileen from Bedford, MA

“I was consistently impressed by Jess’s ability to keep such a fast pace in class with minimal down time but still deliver relevant instruction/coaching. I’ve been fortunate to work with some truly talented trainers over the last nearly 20 years and would add Jess to the short list of trainers I would send my friends/family to for a fun and effective experience learning with their dogs.”
-MaryAnn from Tyngsboro, MA

“Cooper certainly enjoyed his time in class. He will move in with you any day given the chance!”
-Sue from Carlisle, MA

“Working with Jess was a positive experience start to finish. She was wonderful at answering my questions and explaining clearly how to relate the lessons to my everyday life. It helped me to enjoy my life with my dogs even more than before!”
-Stephanie from Lowell, MA

“Cody enjoyed interacting with you, and he benefited from your positive reinforcement.”
-Mike from Wilmington, MA

"My dogs love you and your classes and the facility. The class is fun, you're fun, the dogs enjoy themselves and it has improved my dog's attitude tremendously for other training venues. You exude the "fun" energy that the dogs respond so well to. That energy makes the dogs willing to try harder, is contagious to the rest of the people in the class and makes the whole experience fun, not work."
-Kari from Blackstone, MA