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On Target’s In Perfect Harmony
Born March 28th, 2011
Sync is an absolute blast to train, live with, and even just to meet. It had been almost two years that I had been corresponding with Lisa Kronz from On Target Border Collies about getting a puppy, and oh was Syncy ever worth the wait. She is incredibly smart, wicked fast, and very loving. When she comes downstairs for the first time every day, she jumps onto the treadmill and then runs into her soft sided cage or onto anything else that has been left out as if to say, “Which one do you want to play today, Mom?” I plan to step back into the competition agility world with her and greatly look forward to discovering what additional plans life has in store for us. From her awesome genetics and beautiful structure to her dedication to work, I expect she will be turning heads throughout her entire lifetime. I modeled my logo off of her because to me, she truly embodies the essence of joy-based dog training.


Mommy's Little Monster
Rescued June 26th, 2007
Sarge is my rock. We have been through so much together, and I feel like we have barely scratched the surface of our journey. He was a rescue from Texas who has the sweetest disposition of any Malinois I have ever met. Together we have trained in frisbee, agility, high jumping, and bed bug detection. Moving forward, we plan to compete in the sport of French Ring, which is an activity that is highly rewarding for both of us. Sarge is 70 pounds of pure power, and he can truly soar. His willingness to learn and his tremendous work ethic make him a true joy to train. As his registered name suggests, he is truly a Mama’s boy and loves every minute of it. Whether we are performing for an audience or just cuddling together on the couch, Sarge simply warms my soul. He is my only male to date, and while I prefer working with female dogs, I couldn’t imagine my life without my Sargie Man.


“Itty Bitty”
Rescued August 24th, 2002
Bammer wins me over with her cute looks and goofy antics to this day and has from the very beginning. I originally found Bammer because I was looking for a drivey little dog with whom I could compete in frisbee and agility as well as use for entertainment gigs. Well, I broke the cardinal rule of evaluating a rescue dog with her because I had already fallen in love with her before I had ever met her. She has taught me many lessons and has certainly pushed me to become a better and more versatile trainer. Her goals for us as they pertained to dog sports were very different from mine, which was clear from very early on, but we met in the middle in regards to entertainment because I taught her some pretty unique and impressive tricks so she could join in on all of the fun on tour. She is a typical terrier who is and always has been the noisiest dog in the house. And I must say, Bam is my one true pet dog, from pressing up against me every single night in bed to sprinting into the kitchen when she hears me cutting up treats.


February 2, 1998 – February 2, 2012
Kayla was truly a fiery dog. From her behavior in the whelping box at only a few days old to her pulse readings during her last few acupuncture appointments, she had fire in her spirit every step of the way. She was a Division II Champion numerous times at Regional frisbee competitions and was also a world and national qualifier in the sport. Furthermore, she was a brilliant agility dog and received her AKC Master Agility Champion title shortly after Zoe. Anyone who met Kayla knew that her absolute favorite thing to do was retrieve, and numerous times over the years, I woke up to a toy rolling in my face and an anticipatory Border Collie staring into my eyes. She was an exceptional herding dog and should have probably spent her life on a farm; however, she greatly enjoyed her many years of canine entertainment and probably starred in upwards of 750 shows throughout the course of her life. Together we overcame challenges, met much success, and created wonderful memories; I will always be thankful for the mark she left on my heart.


July 6th, 1994 – January 24th, 2009
Zoe was truly my once in a lifetime dog; she was and will always be my heart dog in every sense of the term. She was born in our kitchen and took her last breath in the living room of that very same house. In 2002, we were the youngest team in the sport of canine disc to qualify for the World Finals. Back in our day, we were true media magnets; we were featured in numerous newspaper articles, magazines, television shows, game shows, and newscasts. She was my first dog to receive her Master Agility Champion title in AKC and certainly the dog who got me hooked on the sport. At twelve years old, she opened one theatre show per day at a theme park in Minnesota and audience members would never guess her to be over six. Zoe’s zest for life was contagious, and I always said her heart was as big as the sun. Without her, I certainly would not be the person I am today.