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Pictured above from left to right is Sarge, Bammer, Sync, & Kayla.

Jess Williams graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science degree, focusing on animal behavior. Since the age of 3, Jess has surrounded herself with dogs and has truly loved every moment of it. She has been competing and performing with her dogs for over 15 years. Beyond succeeding at national and international levels in the sport of canine disc, she also has competed and will continue to compete heavily in agility.

For four years, she toured with the two largest canine production companies in the world and has also produced numerous events herself over the past decade. She has performed with her dogs at state fairs, theme parks, halftime shows, and theatre productions all across the nation as well as overseas. In 2008, Jess even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as an advocate of animal welfare.

And while canine entertainment has given her and her dogs many opportunities, Jess has always found her true passion through training. She has taught classes at numerous facilities in Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota and Massachusetts throughout the years and has also presented various seminars on dog training across the country. Her clientele ranges from first time pet owners to competitive trainers because her techniques appeal to such a broad audience.

Every moment she teaches, Jess is 110% engaged with both dog and owner. Throughout every session, she ensures all parties are having fun and yet is still able to deliver unbelievable results! To her, the most important component of training is the dog and handler connecting as a team. Between her experience and her sheer joy for training dogs, it’s no wonder why so many of her students have gotten hooked!